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Edcon Interior Design Internship 2013

Location: Western Cape (South Africa)
Remuneration: Market related basic salary
Type of post: Contract junior level position at Edcon in the FMCG, Retail & Wholesale (Retail) industry.

Become an Interior Design Intern for our Boardmans Chain and gain knowledge beyond your expectations!

In partnership with learning institutions, Edcon has successfully implemented Internships within various levels of the organisation. This is Edcon's way of empowerment through skill development opportunities. Be part of this exciting opportunity:
  • Send your CV with a contactable reference and testimonial.
  • A certified copy of Grade 12 certificate and your ID document.
  • A certified copy of your Interior Design (Higher Certificate or Diploma or Degree).
  • No prior working experience is needed.
This is a one (1) year internship contract.

If you are passionate about people, beauty and retail then you belong here!

Come and find your perfect fit with Edcon.

Closing date: 24 April 2013

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There are basically two types of internships:

  • The Undergraduate Internship: Usually with bigger organisations that pick undergraduates to attend the internship. It often takes places during the holidays and the average durations is a few weeks. In most cases the intern will receive some sort of stipend or salary and this type of internship may lead to a job offer to the intern once he / she is finished with their studies.
  • The Graduate Internship: This type of internship could be paid or unpaid and it is to gain practical work experience after the qualification has been completed and in a job related to the qualification. It could be from a few weeks or even one or two years long. This type of internship could also lead to permanent employment.


A learnership is an occupational qualification and it consists of theory and work-based experience and practical skills, with formal assessment and a qualification. At the end of the learnership the candidate may be offered permanent employment.

In-service training:

In-service training is to gain practical work experience during studies. It usually takes place after a few years of theory has been successfully completed. It is essential work experience that is part of the qualification and the in-service training is necessary to achieve the qualification. It could be paid or unpaid.