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Capacity Internships

Advertiser: Capacity
Location: Cape Town, Durban, East London, Port Elizabeth, Pretoria

Salary: R3,000 to 4,000 per month basic salary

Kindly note that this is a temporary position.

Capacity requires 21 interns in various cities and regions around the country. The following tertiary qualification is required to qualify for the internship program:
- National Diploma Administrative Management
- National Diploma Human Resources Management
- National Diploma Operations Management
- National Diploma Management

Closing date: 15 September 2013

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There are basically two types of internships:

  • The Undergraduate Internship: Usually with bigger organisations that pick undergraduates to attend the internship. It often takes places during the holidays and the average durations is a few weeks. In most cases the intern will receive some sort of stipend or salary and this type of internship may lead to a job offer to the intern once he / she is finished with their studies.
  • The Graduate Internship: This type of internship could be paid or unpaid and it is to gain practical work experience after the qualification has been completed and in a job related to the qualification. It could be from a few weeks or even one or two years long. This type of internship could also lead to permanent employment.


A learnership is an occupational qualification and it consists of theory and work-based experience and practical skills, with formal assessment and a qualification. At the end of the learnership the candidate may be offered permanent employment.

In-service training:

In-service training is to gain practical work experience during studies. It usually takes place after a few years of theory has been successfully completed. It is essential work experience that is part of the qualification and the in-service training is necessary to achieve the qualification. It could be paid or unpaid.